Disciplined Investments and Business Solutions

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, AGS Capital, LLC is a private investment firm focusing on opportunities in the lower middle market, as well as select venture investments. Our team brings decades of international operational experience, as well as an internal infrastructure to help talented entrepreneurs create valuable companies. Utilizing the significant expertise of our team, AGS serves as a value-added partner to the teams of our portfolio companies.

Our strategy is to be the first institutional investor, though not a requirement, in these companies and to provide a level of operational assistance that creates additional value. We take a labor-intensive, service-oriented approach by making early introductions to key customers and strategic partners and helping to recruit top executives and co-investors.

More Than Just A Check

AGS Capital was founded in Indianapolis in 2002 by Alan Symons. Mr. Symons has decades of investment and operational experience across a broad range of industries, purchasing his first company in 1972. He is a Limited Partner in several area funds, but found his interest and skills more aligned with direct investment. An AGS investment is more than just a check, we add value with not only our capital contributions, but we provide management resources, strategic support and perspective to portfolio companies during their most critical stages of business development.

Fundamentally, we believe good companies are built, not born. Execution creates the real value, and we have a history of identifying and then building successful, profitable businesses. We take an active role in building our investments. AGS utilizes an existing infrastructure to create value. Our executive level management, financial & accounting services, marketing skills, along with Human Resources & experienced IT support provides the resources to help companies grow or recover to profitability. AGS offers proven operational history with significant transactional experience.